Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Water Relaxation, whenever, wherever. Prevention is better than cure

In our society today, everything has gone so fast-paced and nerve raking, this starts from the time when we step out of our house. The MRT's haunting music "the train door's closing, the train door's closing' buzzing in our minds.." Argh...Firefightings begin immediately when we reach the office, flooding phone calls ringing while trying to meet our deadlines. Screaming credit card bills when we open the letter box. We would just wish to have some quiet moments alone, as in really alone, without thinking of anything, just our love ones.

No wonder, relaxation and stress managing theraphy has become not a want, but a necessity now. Taking a breather at Siloso beach, lying under the sun enjoying the calming sounds of gently lapping waves? Or taking an expensive holiday at a wellness resort with serene pools, tranquil sea, using their luxurious spa and having nice swedish massage? Sometimes, we may just choose to curlup at home watching our favorite Korean dramas.

Health and wellness has become a part of our lifestyle. And of course, who doesn’t want to look youthful, beautiful, and attractive. It is always a plus point for goodlookers, despite Fair employment tripartite advocates on purely crebility and no discriminations. This is reality. Yes, popping the health supplements to norish "damaged brain cells" and prudently choosing the right ones, without landing in hospital with liver failures.

Really, do you know that relaxation, looking good and, health and wellness can be achieved at the comfort of your own home? I have discovered Home Spa and would like to share with you guys.

With simply just a soak in a tub for 15 minutes, Home Spa enhances your blood circulation. Also called the ‘passive exercise’. Without you moving, you can still have great workout. Letting your hair down, the bubbles hit onto your 320 acupuncture points, tired bones and muscles(suitable for all ages, especially good for stroke patients, people of old age and those that lack exercises). Also, your personal physio therapist wherever, whenever. Prevention is better than cure.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Does your hairstyle and hair color matches your face? How about your makeup?

By Angeline Tan

Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing well.

Today, I'll be sharing with all of you on some tips to look out for to create a better YOU by just make a few changes and opening your sight by bringing yourself to another scale to see things.
There are a few things to have to know about yourself when it comes to personal imaging...
For example:
What is your face-shape and your head-shape?
What about your hair texture?
What is the color of your skin?
What type of color suits your hair and skintone?

When you've got all those points figured out, you'll then realize that it's simple to make choices on hairstyles, hair color, and also your make up.
This does not just apply to woman but even men too!

Let's start with your face-shape & head-shape
Face-shape classifies into a few types:

- Considered to be one of the best face shapes, an oval face shape is supposed to carry off any hairstyle with style. An oval face shape is such that the cheekbones are slightly wider that the forehead and the chin. If you have an oval shape, you can practically carry off any hairstyle - long, short, medium, straight, curly, etc.
Round - A round face does not have sharp angles and is characterized by wide cheeks and softer edges or corners near the jaw-line as well as the forehead. For a round face, the trick is to add length and make it look a bit longer than what it is. A hairstyle or cut that is layered maximum at the top and narrows down as it tapers down is best suited for a round face.
Triangle - A face shaped like a triangle has a narrow forehead and wide jaw-line. Sometimes, the cheeks and cheekbones are also wider than the forehead. For such a face, short and voluminous hairstyles are the best bet. A triangle face shape will be balanced with lot of curls on the top and a short length hair cut.
Inverted Triangle - The opposite of a triangle, an inverted triangle face shape is characterized by a wide forehead and narrow cheeks, jaw bones and chin. For such a face, the best hairstyle would be the one in which the fringes rest on the forehead and a blunt cut finishes just below the chin.
Square - The square shaped face is dominated by a wide forehead and wide jaw-line. A face that has a square or sometimes a rectangular shape will look best with a hairstyle that adds volume at the top and lesser volume as it tapers down on the sides.

What type of hair texture do you have?

Straight hair is classified as a 1. There is absolutely no curl pattern in the hair. It is completely straight. Straight hair is very sleek and shiny because there is no curl pattern which allows the light to reflect off of the hair giving it a shiny finish. Some straight hair that appears dull is usually because it is damaged. Proper care is always necessary if you want beautiful healthy hair.

Wavy hair is classified as a 2 as seen in these pictures. Type 2 hair can be categorized as 2A/2B or 2C. Basically, 2A hair is fine, like the picture on the left while 2B hair is medium textured like singer Mya’s hair on the right. 2C hair is thick and coarse with a frizzier look. If you have type 2 hair, you have a wide variety of styles available to you. You can straighten the hair for a sleek look, or add tighter curls for a different look. The versatility can make the hairs texture look totally different. This hair type has a natural “S” curl pattern as it hangs.

Medium Curly Hair
Type 3 hair has a tighter curl pattern. It can be categorized at 3A/3B and 3C hair. 3A hair types have a looser curl pattern, while type 3B hair has a tighter curl pattern and type 3C hair has a tightly curly look and may look slightly kinky. This type of hair has a lot of body and can be styled in many different styles. When wet, type 3 hair easily absorbs the water and shrinks quite a bit. But it is not as shiny as straight hair because the hair cannot reflect the light as easily.

Type 3 hair is very springy. If you pull on it, it bounces back into its original curly state. This type of hair can sometimes be a challenge to straighten, especially 3C hair. However, if you blow-dry and use a hot comb or straightener the hair will have a smoother sleeker finish.

Now, talking about skin tone and hair colors. Do you by having a different color, you can have a 180degree change?
What is the color of your skin like?

For people who have dark-skin/ tanned skin, you can consider a cooler color such as Ash brown, Ash Blond, Honey Blond, or other depths of the Ash tone family. You'll notice that entire countenance of your skin-tone. For Asians, adding on highlights would be a plus point too, so as to give the entire look more dimensional and more freshened up.
Make-up tips: Complexions like these have a tendency to look muddy while wearing dark, dull colors such as navy blue, brown, or black. Use a foundation to match your skin tone. Don't try to lighten your skin with foundation, and stay with tan powder. Use coral and true red in the way of blush and lipsticks. If using eyebrow pencil, choose a color to match the eyebrows as closely as possible, but it would do well to avoid harsh black. Green or blue eye shadow would be a good choice for tan complexions but you might want to avoid brown and violet. Mascara should be black.

For people who are the "in-betweens", for example, yellow-based or you're neither very fair or dark. You may go for more neutral, depending on the style you'd like to carry. From the reds to the browns, there are so many different depth, shade, hue and tones you can play around. You may consult your personal stylist to give you a few suggestions, but of course if you have an eye of what suits you most and you can carry it well, I'll say GO FOR IT!
Make-up tips: Golden complexion is what may be described as "sallow". It is over abundant in yellow and brown and may range from light to medium dark. The more fair the complexion, the less intense makeup colors should be. A beige foundation with a tone similar to the skin is recommended. Powder may be somewhat lighter than the foundation, and have a definate peach tone. Always use blush. With such a neutral complexion reds are in order for it as well as lipstick. Eyebrow pencil should be slightly darker than the natural brows if they are pale, and if not, should match them. Never wear brown eye shadow, but intense colors to match the eyes or the color of the clothes. Black eye liner should be worn in the evening. Colors of lipstick may include orange red, coral, or true red.

Now lastly, the fair-skin people. It's actually a plus point if you're born with it! Do you know how many people in the whole world spend tones of moo-lahs ($) just to get themselves fairer? So better start embracing your skin and be thankful for it if you've been neglecting and not taking good care of it. People like you, can go for almost any & every color. This is because your advantage in the fairness of your skin gives out more light and radiance in contrast towards the hair color. Choosing red tones, will create a very sophisticated look. Brown tones, will be more neutral, at the same time also draws away the harsh feeling. Ash/blond tones, will give out a very youthful and trendy feel. But of course, that is where the make-up comes in to finish up the entire look.
Make-up tips: Cream complexion is a very desirable skin tone. It has an equal combination of yellow and red, with a touch of brown. The cream complexion needs little help in the way of foundation makeup. Choose a base that is colorless or matches your own skin tone, and a powder a shade lighter than than the foundation. Blush should match the natural color of the cheeks and may be in the range of coral, pink, or red. If the eyebrows are too pale, use an eyebrow pencil slightly darker than the hair. Try choosing an eye shadow that matches your eyes, and otherwise keep the shades light. As to eye liner, match the eye shadow in a darker value, or for evening could be dark brown or black like the mascara.

It's coming to Christmas! So start getting your essentials and getting yourself all prepped up and ready to celebrate this season! I wish you all the best!

Thursday, 2 December 2010


by HagenTroyTan

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months

-Oscae Wilde

I just got back from dinner and this bookmark was left on the bed with this quote. I thought u might like it as much as I did..

Sitting at the Aleenta's bedroom, facing the sea with my own pool right in front of me is seriously not just heaven....
I am sure my house in heaven is even nicer than this...

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Is it that important to look good!

by HagenTroyTan

Is looking good important to you? Or should I say, do you think it is a need or a want. Are you already happy and satisfied with yourself that nothing would change your mind, that some things can change to better ourselves. Do you envy when a very attractive person walks pass you? Or it's just living in denial, acting like you dont care but feeling sour and lousy about yourself and not tell anyone. Dont you wanna try to know him/her? Be a friend? Or its the culture to act 'high class' simply because you already felt the stress standing beside someone so intimdating.
When was the last time you really think you look as much or even more than you worth. No, I am not referring to the part that rich people should spend millions on themselves, transforming into 'Plastic'. I am talking about self worth.
Some people say, I am totally happy with myself being fat. I dont enjoy wearing shoes and it's so uncomfortable. Slippers are great for me. Seriously, I dont care what people think of me. I dont need anyone's approval to be who I am. You are NOT wrong.
Think again, is that what you truely want.
If I were a Genie, knowing your deepest, darkest, secrets, be it the lack of money to spend on yourself, your fat face, or the largest thighs, or even, the receding hairline that's making you look older, I can grant your wish, to turn all these around. Would you?
10 out of 10 would say, of course! Why not! It's free afterall.
YES! There you go, personally, I dont think it's so much a money issue, it's more of trust and realisation.
You do know that people who are a little more attractive in a way or the other would naturally gain a little more attention. NO? Would you look at the blooming flowers or the dead ones? Please don't kid me with your answer.
Life is filled with choices. We make choices everyday.
When I was little, I was really ugly. So ugly I hated myself. Everyone to me was better of somehow or another. I felt I was short, why did I have to wear thick glasses, skinny, and so on. I am never satisfied. Probably why we need God.
Anyways, as I grew older, I realise, this does not happen only to me. It happens to almost everyone. I am sure even the most beautiful people in the world would not be satisfied with themselves in some ways.
Look at the world. More than 70% of what you see on TV, what you hear on Radio, anything basically, its all about packaging. People spend billions n billions just to get peoples' attention. And if you are telling me you disagree, seriously, you have a big problem.
Or maybe, there are too many people who claim how smart they are, flopped in improving and helping another.
Do I think fashion is important?
The answer is YES! what is fashion.
It is created by probably a group of people with great taste. What's great taste then, something, to me, soothing to the eyes. It makes u feel confident.
So, I dont really care what you think of me. That's a great attitude. No doubt. But first, upgrade yourself, to looking better than you already am, that is only a form or loving and respecting yourself. It is not to tell you if you were naked, you're worthless. Have a mindset to want to improve. To understand that sometimes, looking simple does not necessarily mean 'heck care'. And having weird colors to your hair is NOT cool. Fashion is created by man. And you can create your own fashion too.
Remember, if you want to be a leader with followers. Act like one!