Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Water Relaxation, whenever, wherever. Prevention is better than cure

In our society today, everything has gone so fast-paced and nerve raking, this starts from the time when we step out of our house. The MRT's haunting music "the train door's closing, the train door's closing' buzzing in our minds.." Argh...Firefightings begin immediately when we reach the office, flooding phone calls ringing while trying to meet our deadlines. Screaming credit card bills when we open the letter box. We would just wish to have some quiet moments alone, as in really alone, without thinking of anything, just our love ones.

No wonder, relaxation and stress managing theraphy has become not a want, but a necessity now. Taking a breather at Siloso beach, lying under the sun enjoying the calming sounds of gently lapping waves? Or taking an expensive holiday at a wellness resort with serene pools, tranquil sea, using their luxurious spa and having nice swedish massage? Sometimes, we may just choose to curlup at home watching our favorite Korean dramas.

Health and wellness has become a part of our lifestyle. And of course, who doesn’t want to look youthful, beautiful, and attractive. It is always a plus point for goodlookers, despite Fair employment tripartite advocates on purely crebility and no discriminations. This is reality. Yes, popping the health supplements to norish "damaged brain cells" and prudently choosing the right ones, without landing in hospital with liver failures.

Really, do you know that relaxation, looking good and, health and wellness can be achieved at the comfort of your own home? I have discovered Home Spa and would like to share with you guys.

With simply just a soak in a tub for 15 minutes, Home Spa enhances your blood circulation. Also called the ‘passive exercise’. Without you moving, you can still have great workout. Letting your hair down, the bubbles hit onto your 320 acupuncture points, tired bones and muscles(suitable for all ages, especially good for stroke patients, people of old age and those that lack exercises). Also, your personal physio therapist wherever, whenever. Prevention is better than cure.

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