Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Is it that important to look good!

by HagenTroyTan

Is looking good important to you? Or should I say, do you think it is a need or a want. Are you already happy and satisfied with yourself that nothing would change your mind, that some things can change to better ourselves. Do you envy when a very attractive person walks pass you? Or it's just living in denial, acting like you dont care but feeling sour and lousy about yourself and not tell anyone. Dont you wanna try to know him/her? Be a friend? Or its the culture to act 'high class' simply because you already felt the stress standing beside someone so intimdating.
When was the last time you really think you look as much or even more than you worth. No, I am not referring to the part that rich people should spend millions on themselves, transforming into 'Plastic'. I am talking about self worth.
Some people say, I am totally happy with myself being fat. I dont enjoy wearing shoes and it's so uncomfortable. Slippers are great for me. Seriously, I dont care what people think of me. I dont need anyone's approval to be who I am. You are NOT wrong.
Think again, is that what you truely want.
If I were a Genie, knowing your deepest, darkest, secrets, be it the lack of money to spend on yourself, your fat face, or the largest thighs, or even, the receding hairline that's making you look older, I can grant your wish, to turn all these around. Would you?
10 out of 10 would say, of course! Why not! It's free afterall.
YES! There you go, personally, I dont think it's so much a money issue, it's more of trust and realisation.
You do know that people who are a little more attractive in a way or the other would naturally gain a little more attention. NO? Would you look at the blooming flowers or the dead ones? Please don't kid me with your answer.
Life is filled with choices. We make choices everyday.
When I was little, I was really ugly. So ugly I hated myself. Everyone to me was better of somehow or another. I felt I was short, why did I have to wear thick glasses, skinny, and so on. I am never satisfied. Probably why we need God.
Anyways, as I grew older, I realise, this does not happen only to me. It happens to almost everyone. I am sure even the most beautiful people in the world would not be satisfied with themselves in some ways.
Look at the world. More than 70% of what you see on TV, what you hear on Radio, anything basically, its all about packaging. People spend billions n billions just to get peoples' attention. And if you are telling me you disagree, seriously, you have a big problem.
Or maybe, there are too many people who claim how smart they are, flopped in improving and helping another.
Do I think fashion is important?
The answer is YES! what is fashion.
It is created by probably a group of people with great taste. What's great taste then, something, to me, soothing to the eyes. It makes u feel confident.
So, I dont really care what you think of me. That's a great attitude. No doubt. But first, upgrade yourself, to looking better than you already am, that is only a form or loving and respecting yourself. It is not to tell you if you were naked, you're worthless. Have a mindset to want to improve. To understand that sometimes, looking simple does not necessarily mean 'heck care'. And having weird colors to your hair is NOT cool. Fashion is created by man. And you can create your own fashion too.
Remember, if you want to be a leader with followers. Act like one!

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  1. hi.thanks for sharing this.u r right.we need to have the mindset to improve ourselves and our appearance...
    p/s: now u look good, keep it up!